Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

My effort (1) - "Hyun Bin"

Starting from this day may be u will look my blog  including folders by tittle “my effort”  an english. That is will be continue and i yield foot note there like  symbol “(1)” in behind– as a chapter for each part. This is just my way, my effort to improve my english, so i’m started from several days ago to writing something  with surface questions like what do u think about someone i was interested and than make a description. I’m preceived that the wise word “u can if u want” is lacking. You can if u want and.. if u make it become true with an act, so “my effort” its partially for my action to make me can speak english well.  

Finally, may be u will meet many mistakes on my grammar, please tell me where are wrongs and don't blame me with your despise, i need your help to support me...  and than bellow are the first of my effort.  Talk about Hyun Bin. 

My effort (1) - “Hyun Bin comes to Jakarta” 

What do u think about korean actress especially  Hyun Bin?

In the last night, i got messages from my friend said that Hyun Bin, once of Korean actress he will come to Jakarta at date 04 until  07 sept 2011, he comes about promotions korea’s military. My friend explained If u want to meet him, so u must  join to twitter’s indonesia fans club Hyun Bin, they are @HyunBinnieID, or @BinnieloversIND, or @debbyAgain, they were official administrations of Hyun Bin’s fans club, all about activities Hyun Bin during visited Indonesia, available there. The profit when you follow them, you  will more easy to access in that event and have an avenue to stand in good place there. 

So u know what, my friend and me stay on twitter last night to register meet Hyun Bin. The registry opened at 21.00 pm and u must be faster, only 500 quota and just needed 30 minuts to closed when administrator said qoute is full.

 After registrations u  just  waiting conformations from administrator, they will send announcement on your email, if u are lucking you will got resent email that u are acquiring invitations. Several hours i'm waiting and hope there was a new email for  me.  But its no comes early, anxious, make me crazy..! and i decided to offline, hope the next morning there an email. 

At early morning i wake up faster than before and direct check my inbox, there are certain a new email, oh god.. with cauntions i opened, and than... unbelievable!! thanks god.. i got re-email... so Hyun Bin c y... on 06 Oktober 2011 at Lapangan Marinir, Cilandak, Jakarta


Hyun Bin has become famous in Indonesia, particulary from indonesian womens because he handsome and had tamper at drama korean “Secret Garden”- its most popularly drama today- are affectionate, assertive but not overly arrogant, still have soft-hearted or warm, composed, perhaps showing be a perfect men, that inferences may be drawn everyone to impression about him.  

I made a decision to come on his event, its not about he was my idol. But i just wanna know how situations there, have a new experience, can see directly how disorder there. How enthusiastic people there. How alertness from event organize and how Hyun Bin performance infront of his audience. I’m not really hope that i can meet Hyun Bin closed, but i hope can takes some good photos situations there, to be a story of my journey next day...