Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

‘Gray’ zones an education

The mothers in around table, where were waiting they children at play group make a discussion about how much they should prepare money to registrations at elementary school. They all have the same plan to entrance they child to elementary school. One of them just to inform explants to other that the bills to pay into SDN X about IDR 1,5 billion per child but it is illegal registrations. Again. Illegal registrations.  
Suddenly, There’s mother else told, “It so cheap”- what??!! it was surprised, unbelievable there’s someone with infinitely so relaxed about that.   And u knows what? i’m so, so surprised when I heard that IDR 1,5 million that is the result of negotiations  with leader of SDN X. Original price offered three million (IDR) and than declined become  IDR 1,5 million. 

The matters are SDN X it was government’s school where every thing about operational was government’s responsibility. Governments’ school has purposed to make clever our children. The roles of them are increasingly intelligent of, but why embarrassing transaction could happen? 

Back to mothers’ discussion, another mother gave solutions to choose one famous elementary school but not government’s school, it’s called integrated school, the quality is number one, but there’s a consequence that it so expensive. You have to spend your money until IDR 10 Million for pay the building and reached IDR 2-3 Million a month.  

The point is? An education was really expensive here.  But, expensive would be relevant if the quality would be priority and it was really guilty when it lasts on ‘gray’ zone. 

For parents, you have many chose of school else. The important thing that how mothers and fathers teach they children and always accompany, it about intellectuality, mental emotional and also spiritual. 

I remember about one quote said “A good education does not ensure we will be competent” Wherever your child take an educations, the role of parents is crucial. I have a little research, that mommy who care and active to monitoring education, they child would have potential to grow up with confidently and got an achievements. 

Wrote: 14/2/2012

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