Rabu, 03 Februari 2010


I’m worry with my decision, when try to writing something in my blog an English, I can’t to speaking, reading, or conversation whit English language well. But, I know that practice it’s a good way to improve my English. So, although I shy when some people who more better read my blog, may be they are will be laugh or say.. “It’s false, wrong, wrong again, again and again, more and more they are finding a wrong the words.

And than they are thinking that I’m person to weak conversations I really know about that’s risk, but in another side I also know, when somebody never try, they aren’t catch up they dream. We will never know our false when nothing people say it. Absolutely I’m jealous to my friends, and people who can speak English well.

It’s become main things, burden is, and another thing why I really want to about, that English language is important skill to my job in the future. From along while become my priority, can speak English well.

And today, though it was late, I got up make sure to my self that need a big support to still run in the street. Jealous is one way to grow up my spirit. After everything happen to me, the case point is everybody who become success today is they are person whit a big thinking and a big effort to get them.

Finally, I can do unusual…

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