Kamis, 17 November 2011

My effort (2) - "James Bond"

What do u think about him?
First time i meet james bond’s  at the one of  james bond 077’s series  movies, directly  i’m fall in love with him, he is so gentlemen, smart, sharp and brave but also have sense of romantic highly. He is a secret  agent, always brought the gun on his pocket. Although he worked on fully dangerous situation he looking composed but still assertive and able to take determining precisely how and when to shooting an enemy and what to do.  
For some an expert  literary said that james bond is have a characteristic playboy, but i’m disagree about that, i think james bond is not playboy, he just have warm heart, just doing take over the women.- not for all of women. May be you look from his facial expression, seem declarative that he is flirtatious, so u think that he is a playboy. But on the move, in ending the movie, u will only see that james bone make a relationship with one women, no more. And everyone who become his girlfriend, it’s someone have good capabilities in action and have good positions in her  job. Its not  ordinary person, right? So james bond is selectively person, its no indicated that he is a playboy.
All over, james bond is perfect men i guess, from outside and inside. On realistically situation, almost assured  james bond is nothing. But literature society believe that Ian Flaming -people who create james bond that he is people be james bond character. James bond and Ian Flaming had same habit like same favorite food, smoker, clever to playing card and casino is favorite place.

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do watch his nu movie cowboy & Alien"